Protect Your Privacy and Enhance Your Financial Well-Being with a Policy Appraisal

Protect Your Privacy

This concise guide empowers consumers with key insights on safeguarding their privacy while they go through policy appraisal and life settlements. Here’s what you need to know about life settlement-related privacy concerns and how to address them: Understanding Life Settlements A life settlement involves selling your life insurance policy to a third party for a […]

Understanding the Connection Between Life Expectancy and Life Settlements

Life expectancy underwriting is a critical component of the life settlement industry, as it determines when premiums must be paid and when investors in the secondary market will collect death benefits. It’s essential to understand how different underwriting models used by insurance companies and investors differ and how recent changes to mortality tables can affect […]

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Your Life Insurance Policy?

Selling your policy

Some might consider selling a life insurance policy to be like finding a golden egg in your retirement nest.  It may have been there all along, but you didn’t know it held a value on the secondary market without someone dying. But it may. Now, how much is your golden egg worth? Before you consider […]

A Few Questions to Ask Before You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

Life Settlement FAQ

Selling a life insurance policy is a big decision, as it’s essential to consider your options. Asking some questions to either your life settlement provider or broker can help you find out if this is the right decision for your situation. Here are a few questions to always ask if you weigh the pros and […]

Using Your Life Insurance Policy as a Liquid Asset

Liquid Asset

Paying off debt and saving for retirement continues to be a challenge for many people due to the ever-increasing costs of goods and services. Even one medical emergency can wipe out years of savings if you aren’t careful. Looking at ways to downsize and improve your finances is often a top concern for most seniors. […]

Tax Consequences of Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

Selling your life insurance policy enables you to get a lump sum of cash, and you won’t have to pay your premiums anymore. However, you will need to pay taxes on your life settlement. Luckily, the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 includes two provisions to help simplify the process of paying taxes on […]

What is the Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance Policy?

Value of Life Insurance Policy

In order to discourage policy holders from pursuing life settlements, some insurance companies resort to cash surrender value. What is cash surrender value? Essentially, life insurance surrender value refers to the amount an insurance company will offer an insurance owner who chooses to give back their life insurance policy. Normally, this occurs when a policy […]

What Is A Life Settlement? Settlements for Seniors in Retirement

What Is A Life Settlement

The senior citizens of today, very often, are personally involved in trying to understand and make good decisions affecting their financial status and goals. In the past, once convinced to believe that life insurance was a necessity, many seniors simply continued to pay their policy premiums–year in and year out–without determining whether or not those […]

Top Reasons for Selling a Life Insurance Policy

Reasons for Selling a Life Policy

With an ever-growing sense of financial freedom, these days, many senior citizens are dismissing their life insurance policies in exchange for other options. Usually, this occurs because of inadequacies in that life insurance plan. However, other factors, also, influence the decision to abandon a life insurance policy. Sometimes, the policyholder deems the policy as unnecessary […]