Retirement Regrets: Five Costly Purchases to Avoid

Retirement Regrets

“Hold onto your money,” says Jeff Bezos, founder and executive chairman of Amazon. He advises against buying that new car, fridge, or swimming pool because the economy “does not look good right now.” Bezos added, “If you’re an individual considering purchasing a big-screen TV, you might want to wait, hold onto your money, and see […]

Convertible Term Life Insurance: A Robust Strategy for Enhancing Retirement Outlook

Convertible Term Life Insurance

Discover an often-overlooked facet of retirement planning — Convertible Term Life Insurance — a distinctive instrument that could transform your retirement strategy. Please familiarize yourself with this unique financial tool to ensure your retirement years radiate the prosperity they deserve. Conventional term life insurance stands as a cornerstone in prudent financial planning. It serves as […]

Loneliness in Seniors: An Epidemic of Seclusion

Loneliness in Seniors

The older we get, the more time we spend alone. But just how big of a deal is loneliness? While it may seem trivial compared to other challenges faced by older adults, health experts warn that loneliness can be as damaging as smoking twelve cigarettes per day. With tens of millions of seniors affected, acute […]

How Seniors Can Help Grandchildren Pay for College

Help Grandchildren Pay for College

If you have grandchildren, it’s always early enough to begin thinking about their college education. The cost of attending a university continues to rise, as looking at ways to help fund these expenses is often a priority. Luckily, you have a few options to help with these expenses. Learning about your choices makes it easier […]

Financial Freedom Is the Freedom to Retire

Financial Freedom

Laws regarding the minimum age for retirement account withdrawals and receiving social security retirement benefits have led to the belief that retirement is an event that is meant to happen sometime between the ages of 60 and 65. The truth is that the rising cost of living and the burden of debt means many people […]

Renting in Retirement – Increasing Rental Costs

Renting in Retirement

There are no easy one-size-fits-all solutions for seniors weighing their retirement living options. Renting an apartment and owning a home both have drawbacks for older adults, and those are becoming even more dramatic with the current state of the apartment rental market. Is It Better To Own or Rent in Retirement? Many seniors feel it […]

Fixed-Income Retirees Head Back to Work as the Cost of Living Increases

Fixed-Income Retiree

The workforce shortage and rising cost of living have caused many retirees to go back into the labor market. Some are returning to work simply due to boredom, while others are unretiring due to the difficulties of living on a fixed income. Going back to work offers a financial backup plan for retirees struggling with […]

Retiring During a Bear Market

Retiring During a Bear Market

Dealing with market volatility is much easier while you are working, but it’s a lot more stressful if you are planning for retirement. You most likely don’t have the option to wait a few years to begin stock withdrawal if you are getting close to retirement. Knowing how to survive a bear market in retirement […]

Full Retirement Age Increased While Life Expectancy Declined

Many workers in the United States often look forward to retiring, but there isn’t a direct consensus on the best retirement age. While it’s possible to retire at the age of 62 to claim Social Security benefits, you won’t be able to receive your total amount until you are either 66 or 67 years old. […]

Is Inflation Putting Your Retirement at Risk?


The inflation rate continues to increase, which creates a lot of issues for retirement planning, especially if you are on a fixed income. Inflation rose by 7% in 2021, as such a rapid increase hasn’t been seen in the United States since the early 1980s. Understanding how inflation in the US impacts your retirement planning […]