To our clients, friends and families:

Looking into the face of the unknown is scary. Our daily routines have been upheaved and we are left with a stressful new reality. With COVID-19 upending every aspect of life, it’s understandable to feel anxious. You may feel the darker emotions – anger, fear, and helplessness. You may even feel powerless. You’re human.

The situation is evolving quickly. We must all do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Our team and family have taken next steps to protect the health and safety of your family and community. We have temporarily closed our 2 locations and each of us is working remotely from our homes. We understand that drastic times require drastic measures. Yet, our phones will still be answered 24/7. You can always reach us with any questions or concerns.

As we continue our daily lives in this changing reality, let’s work to protect and care for one another. We’re in this together.

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