How to Market Life Insurance

It is a challenge to market life insurance well. To market life insurance requires great sensitivity and attention to detail. You must remind potential clients of their mortality, the inescapable truth that they are going to die. The thought of dying and leaving behind family is a difficult topic to discuss for most of us.

Those who sell life insurance must be able to elicit–and respond effectively to–human emotions associated with personal loss, love, and financial obligation. The noble task of enrolling others in a life insurance program requires patience, politeness, and deft powers of persuasion as an advocate on behalf of loved ones who will benefit from this policy at the death of the insured.

The key to success in this business is to treat each roadblock as you attempt to sell life insurance, not as a stumbling block but a building block in your career. Each and every sales attempt is another opportunity to help others, to improve your skill as a salesperson who refuses to compromise his or her ethical standards, plus to earn a living for yourself and your family.

A career as a professional life insurance agent can prove to be challenging because you must perform a variety of different roles. You must be a confidant, a financial advisor, a strong and sympathetic advocate for those who will need the life insurance death benefit, and a good salesperson. You must express compassion both for the one who must contemplate the reality of their own mortality and the loved ones who must cope with the loss of the deceased and carry on after the insured person’s demise. You must exhibit the character of an ethical salesperson, while relating to your client.

You must appeal to your client on an emotional level and you must communicate logically framed arguments in which you emphasize the tax, legal and financial benefits of enrolling in a life insurance plan.

It helps to know that statistical probabilities are on the side of your success in the career of marketing life insurance. Essentially, for every ten potential insurance buyers with whom you meet, three will be interested, and one will purchase the policy. So, with the assurance of these probabilities, market life insurance with persistence.

To further increase the probability of your success as an insurance salesperson, obtain knowledge and skills associated with credentials relevant to this industry. Prospective clients gauge your relative level of expertise by your level of education. It is also very important to build a solid network with other professionals–attorneys, bankers and accountants. Active participation in community events and charitable organizations will also help establish your credibility as a caring and well-informed insurance agent. Of course, remember to market yourself by means of a website and helpful online articles about yourself, your clients, and your products.

Marketing life insurance is a multi-dimensional career that involves the whole person, not simply sales tactics. To succeed as a life insurance salesperson, you must dedicate yourself to refine your sales ability by earning industry credentials, increasing your social involvement, expanding your social network, and developing your ability to formulate arguments while remaining compassionate and ethical.